5 - 12 Month Guide


Struggling with your babies’ sleep?

  • Want to know what’s normal, and why?
  • Want to figure out what your babies’ sleep needs are?
  • Want to work out a sleep routine that works for them?
  • Want to reduce night waking, put an end to early rising or improve naps?
  • Want to make changes without leaving your little one to cry?

This 48 page, comprehensive guide contains EVERYTHING you need to tackle those sleep issues.

What’s included in the guide?

  • A detailed explanation of the science behind your babies’ sleep.
  • Realistic expectations for your child’s sleep (based on their age), and how to tackle common issues that crop up.
  • The “quick wins” to put into action TODAY to get better sleep.
  • A breakdown of red flags to look into if your child wakes very frequently.
  • A detailed explanation of how to work out your child’s individual sleep needs (and what this means!)
  • The tools to create Sleep Goals for your family in an objective and realistic way – and then how to reach them!
  • How to address a series of common sleep issues (e.g. false starts, early rising, short naps)
  • How to develop an age-appropriate nap routine based on your little one’s age & sleep needs (including examples)
  • An explanation about “self-soothing” – and whether it’s something you need to teach your child.
  • Information on how to change unsustainable habits – without using crying methods.
  • How to address overnight waking and night feeds (including cutting down or night weaning).

Why is it different to other guides?

Most sleep guides offer generic advice, or ‘one size fits all’ sleep schedules that won’t work for most children. My sleep guides are specific to your child’s age group, but also focus heavily on understanding your child’s individual sleep needs. Every child is different, and it’s important that we consider their sleep requirements, personality & age when making changes to sleep.


What do people say about the guides?

I thoroughly enjoyed all the valuable information you provided and it has brought much comfort and resolve to my concerns as a first-time mum! The tone of the information was also very gentle and transparent, as well as simplistic (making it very easy to read and comprehend). This is a truly brilliant document and it's going to help so many parents through one of the toughest times of their lives.
It is SUCH a great guide! You literally have everything in there. And what I love that you've done is exactly what I needed to see, is the emphasis on the individual baby's sleep needs. I love you have different examples of routines too! It highlights that every baby is different and it's a breath of fresh air from everything else I've seen (and I'm sure you know as a sleep deprived mum I've seen A LOT!)