Early Rising Guide


Struggling with Early Rising?

  • Is your little one starting the day between 4 – 6am?
  • Are you worried they aren’t getting enough sleep?
  • Would you like to consistently get them waking past 6am?
  • Would you like it to not feel like it should be the evening at 11am?

This 26 page, comprehensive guide contains EVERYTHING you need to tackle that pesky early rising.



What’s included in the guide?

  • A deep dive into what causes early rising
  • A detailed breakdown of 6 common reasons for early rising:
    • Something waking them
    • Something reinforcing the early wake
    • They are ready to drop a nap
    • They have had enough sleep
    • They are overtired
    • They are a toddler(!)
  • Specific, detailed recommendations for each of these 6 common reasons for early rising – to help you figure out the cause, and make a change.

Why is it different to other guides?

Most sleep guides offer generic advice, or ‘one size fits all’ sleep schedules that won’t work for most children. All of my sleep guides (including this one!) focus heavily on understanding your child’s individual sleep needs. Every child is different, and it’s important that we consider their needs when trying to improve sleep.


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