The Newborn Sleep Guide: 0 – 3 Months


Have you got a baby between 0 – 3 months?
Or are you expecting a baby, and want to be prepared?

  • Want to know what’s normal when it comes to sleep, and why?
  • Want to know when to introduce routines & rituals?
  • Want to know how often (and how long) they should nap for?
  • Want to optimise their overnight sleep?
  • Want tips and advice for moving forward?

This 39 page, comprehensive guide contains EVERYTHING you need to know about your brand new babies’ sleep.



What’s included in the guide?

  • What to expect from your newborns sleep (and how this changes).
  • Information about the “fourth trimester”, and how to handle it.
  • Tips for managing your baby when they are crying.
  • A detailed explanation of the science behind your babies’ sleep.
  • A breakdown of red flags to look into if your child wakes very frequently.
  • Tips on how to optimise sleep, including feeding, daytime sleep, awake periods, bedtime routines and how to respond to night waking.
  • An explanation about “self-soothing” – and whether it’s something you need to teach your child.
  • Information to help you make informed decisions about dummy use & dream feeds.
  • Tips and advice to manage the ‘4 Month Sleep Regression’
  • A troubleshooting section including an FAQ of commonly asked questions.