1:1 Sleep Support

We have a range of services and packages suitable for all families. Each option starts with a preliminary assessment of your child’s sleep, and is therefore fully tailored to your families needs.

If you can’t see the type of package you are looking for – please contact us.

Are you feeling…

Stressed out by all the conflicting sleep information out there?
Ready to ditch the sleep hacks and pull together a plan that works for your family?
Wanting to make change, without leaving your baby to cry?

There’s plenty of free content online, but sometimes you need someone to help you cut through the clutter. You need someone to reassure you about what’s normal, but empower you to make changes when you want to.

Imagine if you felt…

Knowledgeable about how much sleep your child needs
Confident in how to manage naps, and what to do when things go wrong
Prepared for how to make gentle changes to make sleep more sustainable
Supported in your parenting choices, without feeling judged or shamed
And of course – less tired!

Through OUR 1:1 gentle support packages, WE can help you get back your evenings, sleep a little later in the morning – or just get a little bit more sleep overnight!

Here’s how WE can help

We will complete a full assessment, including a sleep log, to get to the root of your child’s sleep problem
We will help you understand your child’s sleep needs, and create a flexible routine that works for them
We will work with you to find a method that suits you and your child. We use a wide range of methods (some slower, some faster) but none of which use cry-based sleep training techniques
All our plans are completely bespoke, and tailored to suit your family’s needs
We will always follow your parenting instincts – a method doesn’t feel right? We will change it!

1:1 Services


The Email Consultation


Please note: this is not suitable for more complex cases as it doesn’t include a call.

The Sleep Rescue call


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The Silver Consultation



The Gold Consultation




The Watson Family – Case Study

Making some tweaks to a little one’s wake time, naps and bedtime can have a HUGE impact on their overnight sleep.

“We still can not believe that Isabelle now sleeps through the night and that most nights she will settle to sleep in just 15 minutes. Contacting you was the best thing we ever did. We now have a happy baby and we all no longer have a strained relationship with sleep.”

If you want to know more…

Book a free 1 to 1 discovery call to discuss our offerings. This is to talk about our packages so we cannot give personalised advice without a full sleep assessment.

What it’s like working with US?

Chloe has a gentle tailored approach which makes the scariness of making changes so much easier, with realistic expectations, a clear plan, reassurance of normal infancy sleep and support whenever you need it I literally couldn’t have asked for a better person to give me confidence moving forward. Im not ready to start yet but I feel armed with the knowledge to do so when we’re ready and knowing it’s a super gentle gradual approach giving him the confidence to fall asleep independently one day and in the meantime we’re going to nail a routine to help get things a bit more predictable. Literally couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you x
Naomi Gauntlett
21 February 2024
We worked with Chloe in December following a panic ‘I’m going back to work 4 days a week in January and can’t continue waking up this many times a night when I do!!’ Chloe was fantastic from the off, open, honest and genuinely felt like she really wanted to help us! We’d had a good week (for us) with our 10month old son whilst filling in our sleep log and she offered for us to track another week to ensure we really got the best from her! She really helped me understand my sons sleep, I’d always felt I was missing something and she filled in the gaps allowing us to look at his needs holistically. She helped me feel more relaxed and confident in our approaches (she never forced us to follow any specific plan she just gave suggestions we were comfortable with) and this meant we were more consistent! Now our son falls asleep in his cot independently with no dummy, by night 2 he had done this with no tears! Above anything I’m grateful that Chloe has allowed me to relax and know we can manage anything we need to in relation to our sons sleep which has made for an all round happier and less exhausted household, thank you Chloe! Xx
Melissa Franklin
19 February 2024
I could not recommend this enough! My child was so close to sleeping longer hours and we just couldn't get him further along on our own. Chloe really broke down the information, most of us have probably seen online at 2am over and over, and made it super digestible. I never felt like an idiot or talked down to which I also found important. It made me really trust her. And the level of patience is remarkable. I couldn't say enough amazing things about my experience. If you're having baby sleep difficulties, definitely take a chance.
Selena E
2 February 2024
I have followed Chloe’s instagram account for a while now. Hers stood out amongst many other sleep consultants as it seemed she genuinely cared about supporting families get more sleep in a way that was comfortable, sustainable and realistic for both parent and baby. It felt a good fit as we weren’t up for either sleep training or co-sleeping, the options other parents recommended. Having finally taken the plunge and had an email consult about our 1 year olds (lack of) sleep, I only wish we had done it sooner. Within one night of making changes to routine and settling, we went from 4-6 over night wake ups to 1-2 wake ups. All while being able to stay and support our little one but without hours of endless rocking. Chloe helped us understand our son’s sleep needs and has given me the confidence that if sleep becomes disrupted again, I’ll be able to get him back on track in a supportive way. Thank you so much Chloe for being so approachable, understanding and patient! Thanks also for all the instagram content and Q&A sessions as they gave much hope on sleepless nights!
saydi francis
30 January 2024
We used Chloe's email services to gain some insight into how we could improve our 6 month old's sleep (which has always been bad!) Chloe's feedback was clearly explained and her plan of action was very gentle and manageable for us. With routine changes alone we saw huge improvements in a short period, which has had a positive impact on our daily life (now that we are all getting better sleep!) Thank you for your help Chloe!
Alex Crozier
24 January 2024
Highly recommend Chloe. Her advice has been invaluable in helping to overcome sleep issues. She is so responsive and has gone above & beyond to help with my concerns. Her approach is easy to follow guidance that is practical but puts your child first. Thank you Chloe!
Elizabeth Newton
16 January 2024
The best thing we invested money in for our baby in the first year!Our baby had really struggled with sleep since week 3. By month 7 she was still waking every 2 hours through the night and we still couldn't put her down to sleep at all. I had thought that we were going to have to have a lot of crying in arms to improve the situation and knowing that I would find that really difficult, I wanted support through the process. However, with Chloe's support, we got her in the cot and sleeping big chunks without any more crying than usual- just with tweaks to her routine and tips for getting her in the cot. I really couldn't believe it as I had tried so much myself already but the support and knowledge of a professional made such a huge difference.All the advise and information I got from Chloe has meant that I am now able to manage sleep hurdles myself and at 9 months she is now sleeping through. I cannot thank Chloe enough and emphasise what a positive impact this has had on our entire family. Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with their babies' sleep.
Dot Hatcher
31 December 2023
Chloe’s instagram page is the most useful and free resource I have found for baby and toddler sleep. She provides a lot of incredibly helpful advice. My baby girl woke very frequently for her first year, and recently at 15m started waking twice a night and occasionally once. Chloe has helped me to realise my situation was very normal, coping strategies and also taught me that sleep totals really do matter. We balanced my daughters day and night sleep and this has helped a lot. I always recommend Chloe’s page to anyone looking for a holistic approach to sleep.
Carys Howell
18 December 2023
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your support. I wanted to write this so other mums can understand how amazing you are! Your approach is so gentle and person centred. I love that you work with us to identify what’s best for the baby rather than telling us a set method to follow. You make the sleep plan based on the baby and parents needs. This is one of the reason why I was able to make such changes because the support was flexible and I didn’t have to do it in a set time. You recognised my little one doesn’t adapt well to change and we did a slow process to help him.More than anything it was nice just talking to you and bouncing ideas off you. The talking helped a lot and it felt like I was talking to a friend and having a catch up so that’s what made me so relaxed.I honestly can’t thank you enough because if I didn’t reach out I would have been stuck nursing all night having multiple night wakes and wondering when we’ll get to the end!I know we have a while to go still until he’s fully independently sleeping but you’ve helped us set up a nice routine that suits us to work towards that. You’ve helped us wean off the breast and we’re having better nights with less frequent wake ups and no more rocking and jumping off the walls to get him back to sleep! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️I feel more confident and supported to continue making changes where needed now. It’s all down to you and your brilliant support.A huge huge thank you and I cannot recommend you enough to anyone who’s struggling out there. Chloe was a godsend🥰❤️
Sana B
4 December 2023
It was great working with Chloe over a few weeks and literally learnt a whole lot on the fundamentals of what’s needed to get our baby sleeping better. I had read a book or 2 and had an app or 2 to help with sleep but neither was as effective as the day by day and on the hour bespoke support we got from Chloe. Our baby’s sleep improved massively, and though it isn’t perfect, mainly because we keep having so many distractions from holidays, trips and scenery changes, we know exactly what to do to get it right back on track each time! Chloe is quite personable herself and easy to talk things through with, and also has a sense of humour, so was the right sleep trainer for us.
Bernie K
24 November 2023


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