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Are you wanting better sleep, but don’t want to leave your baby to cry?

Hi, I’m Chloe!

Sleep Consultant, Mother & Founder of Doze Sleep Coaching

Behind every good sleep consultant, is a child who refuses to sleep. And for me – my little sleep thief is called Theo.

When my son was a baby, I was beside myself with stress over his sleep. I spent hours and hours scouring Instagram and the internet for sleep advice. Everything I read seemed to conflict with something else, and nearly all of it involved leaving him to cry (which I knew I didn’t want to do).

Chloe Djabarouti,
Founder of Doze Sleep Coaching
BSc Psychology, MRes Psychology & OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach

Welcome to Doze

Holistic and Gentle Sleep Coaching

And out of the chaos, Doze Sleep Coaching was born. I wanted to give families what I needed when I was at my lowest: simple, practical and evidence-based sleep advice. Sprinkled with some reassurance that it was all going to be OK, and I would sleep again!

When you work with us, our aim is to help you understand your child’s sleep needs and uncover what is really causing their sleep difficulties. We will work with you to create a plan, so you feel confident in making any changes. And we will hold your hand throughout the whole process!

OUR simple sleep solutions

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Need help, but not quite ready to invest in support just yet? Download our FREE sleep guide for advice you can try out tonight.


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Our age-specific baby and toddler sleep guides will help get your little one’s sleep back on track. Suitable from birth to 3 years.

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Birth – 6 years

1:1 Sleep Support

Our bespoke 1:1 sleep coaching will help you understand your child’s sleep problem, and give you with a clear plan to move forward.

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What it’s like working with US?

I worked with Nadia after wondering whether there was anything I could do to help my daughter’s sleep that was gentle and wouldn’t involve any crying. She was so kind and understanding that I only wanted to make gentle changes to sleep. The changes to routine that we made quickly meant that I went from hourly wakes at night to only waking 2/3 times for feeds. I would strongly recommend working with Nadia if you want to nurture better sleep for your child (and yourself) but don’t feel comfortable letting them cry as you make change!
Uxshely Carcamo
15 April 2024
We worked with Sarah over three weeks with the aim of moving away from feeding to sleep and getting our 6 month old to nap in his cot. She was compassionate and listened to what we needed as a family. The daily support was invaluable as we made changes and have equipped us to face any future challenges with our little one’s sleep.
Ashleigh Lawrence-Ball
8 April 2024
The Doze Sleep Guide helped me to work out my daughter’s sleep needs. I was at a loss trying to understand why my daughter wasn’t sleeping 12 hours overnight, and was waking early all the time. Doze helped me to understand it was because she didn’t need it. There are no websites that I have found that explain working out your child’s sleep needs, all they suggest is 7-7 and every plan you see indicates a baby is high sleep needs, nothing lets parents know baby can high, medium or low needs. The Doze guide explains this to parents. The Sleep guide worked a treat. I hope so glad I purchased it.
Alecia Cox
22 March 2024
This is the perfect guide! I bought it to check I wasn’t missing anything in my own practice! It just captures everything you need to know for Early Morning Wakes
Lauren Eells
22 March 2024
I stumbled across the doze sleep coaching Instagrams page accidentally and I am so glad I did. My 9 month old son was co sleep, waking multiple times a night and contact napping in the day, I was exhausted and felt like i had no time to myself. Chloe asked how quickly we wanted to make changes so we were comfortable with the changes and moving at a pace that we were happy with. A few weeks later, and my life has completely changed, my son is now sleeping in his own room, he wakes once during the night for a feed and he’s napping in his cot during the day, I feel like a new woman, I’m now getting 6/7 hours sleep before being woken and I can have a hot cup of tea during the day now. Chloe and the team are so helpful, knowledgeable ans supportive and if I could give more than 5 stars I would.
megan peake
16 March 2024
Doze sleep coaching were brilliant! I had the Sleep Rescue call with Nadia who was really friendly and helpful. She created a plan for us based on our individual circumstances and goals and we’ve already seen an improvement in our son’s sleep in just a few days. Thank you!
Ella Greaves
7 March 2024
Chloe has been the complete package for us. Of course, she’s helped us to regulate our little one’s sleep more but more importantly than that, she’s helped us as parents to understand and be ok with what to expect from him as an 18 month old and to normalise imperfect sleep in our own heads! I’ve been someone who’s stressed about my baby’s sleep for so long and now, after working with Chloe, I feel so much more in control. Is his sleep perfect? No. Is it better? Absolutely. Am I more chilled about everything related to his sleep now? 100%! And that’s the biggest thing I’ve been able to take away from this and it is definitely not something I would have achieved on my own. Thank you so much, Chloe for your incredible support, understanding and patience with our very unique situation! If you can afford one of the extended support packages from Doze, I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Laura Hammond
1 March 2024
Chloe has a gentle tailored approach which makes the scariness of making changes so much easier, with realistic expectations, a clear plan, reassurance of normal infancy sleep and support whenever you need it I literally couldn’t have asked for a better person to give me confidence moving forward. Im not ready to start yet but I feel armed with the knowledge to do so when we’re ready and knowing it’s a super gentle gradual approach giving him the confidence to fall asleep independently one day and in the meantime we’re going to nail a routine to help get things a bit more predictable. Literally couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you x
Naomi Gauntlett
21 February 2024
We worked with Chloe in December following a panic ‘I’m going back to work 4 days a week in January and can’t continue waking up this many times a night when I do!!’ Chloe was fantastic from the off, open, honest and genuinely felt like she really wanted to help us! We’d had a good week (for us) with our 10month old son whilst filling in our sleep log and she offered for us to track another week to ensure we really got the best from her! She really helped me understand my sons sleep, I’d always felt I was missing something and she filled in the gaps allowing us to look at his needs holistically. She helped me feel more relaxed and confident in our approaches (she never forced us to follow any specific plan she just gave suggestions we were comfortable with) and this meant we were more consistent! Now our son falls asleep in his cot independently with no dummy, by night 2 he had done this with no tears! Above anything I’m grateful that Chloe has allowed me to relax and know we can manage anything we need to in relation to our sons sleep which has made for an all round happier and less exhausted household, thank you Chloe! Xx
Melissa Franklin
19 February 2024
I could not recommend this enough! My child was so close to sleeping longer hours and we just couldn't get him further along on our own. Chloe really broke down the information, most of us have probably seen online at 2am over and over, and made it super digestible. I never felt like an idiot or talked down to which I also found important. It made me really trust her. And the level of patience is remarkable. I couldn't say enough amazing things about my experience. If you're having baby sleep difficulties, definitely take a chance.
Selena E
2 February 2024


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