Potty TRAINING Support

We have a number of packages to choose from including a FREE Potty Learning guide. Sarah is here to support you with guidance and support and troubleshooting with your child’s progress.

FREE Potty LEarning guide

Learn how to promote positive Potty Training by starting with Potty Learning. Find out how to nurture the environment to encourage your child to achieve this for themselves, to feel comfortable with their bodily functions and to understand them by normalising them for our children.


The Potty
training guide


Learn how to Potty Train your child in your own time with our Potty Training Guide.

This is a child orientated Potty Training method which you can follow and go at your child’s own pace.

What is included?

This Potty Training Guide includes :

– When to Potty Train
– How to prepare your child
– A chart to check readiness
– Troubleshooting tips
– Recommended products
– How to Potty Train on the go
– Managing regressions

And also includes:
– Potty Training Flashcards to print
– A Potty Training Social Story to print

The potty training
guidance call


Want some more support? Book a guidance call to get advice on Potty Training, or troubleshoot issues that have cropped up.

You will get a copy of the Potty Training Guide included, and have the option to bolt on follow up support if needed.

WHat is included?

– An in-depth, thorough analysis of your child’s current stage of potty training.

– A 60 minute video/telephone consultation to talk through the what is happening with currently with your child’s potty training and answer any questions you may have.

– An email summary of the personalised recommendations from the call.

– Access to our online potty-training guide (instant download PDF).


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