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Not ready to invest in 1:1 sleep coaching quite yet, but still want some help getting your child to sleep better? Well, we have exactly what you need! Our free eBook, “The Secrets of Sleep: Tips from a Sleep Coach” outlines simple and easy changes you can make today to improve your child’s sleep.

In this free eBook, you will learn:

  1. The 5 key reasons why your child isn’t sleeping well
  2. The science behind why your baby sleeps the way they do
  3. Whether your child is getting the right amount of sleep 
  4. What to realistically expect from your baby’s sleep
  5. How schedules & naps factor into your child’s sleep at night
  6. Why sleep routines are important for your baby
  7. How you can improve your child’s sleep environment
  8. How to encourage your child to fall asleep by themselves
  9. Why your baby is waking at night & what you can do about it
  10. How and when to consider dropping night feeds.
Free "Secrets of Sleep" eBook Doze Sleep Coaching
Free "Secrets of Sleep" eBook Doze Sleep Coaching


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"The Secrets of Sleep: Tips from a Sleep Coach"

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