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Get your baby off to the best start!

Whether you are expecting a baby, or if you have a recent arrival then it is likely you are already thinking about how to help them become the best sleeper they can be! This prenatal and newborn sleep support package is a great place to start.

This package is for parents who want to get their baby off to the best start. We will cover the basics of infant sleep biology, showing you what’s “normal” as well as developmentally what you can expect over the coming months. The aim is to teach you how to gently optimise sleep from the very beginning, to significantly reduce the likelihood of sleep challenges later on.


This sleep package also makes a great gift for new parents and parents-to-be!

What you'll get:

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Prenatal & Newborn Support Doze Sleep Coaching

prenatal / Newborn


How our PRENATAL/NEWBORN support works:

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Prenatal & Newborn Support Doze Sleep Coaching

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